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Working of Ajax

This is a simple set of examples showing how Ajax can be used to change the contents of a page. First, I start with a description of how a normal web request works, and how an Ajax link works, explaining the difference between the two. Then there is a couple of simple sample codes that show how Ajax calls work and how to write Ajax functions with JavaScript. I also explain the difference between making a synchronous request using JavaScript and an asynchronous request. This is a quick tutorial to Ajax. This is meant for people who have a JavaScript background. This is like a cookbook for Ajax.


This tutorial is meant for people who know about JavaScript and how to write JavaScripts and the basic working of HTTP.


  1. A normal web request
  2. Request made by a script (AJAX Requests)
  3. Internet Explorer and Mozilla
  4. Ajax Requests explained
  5. Example
  6. POST in Ajax
  7. What next?


You can download a zipped version of this tutorial here.

This tutorial has been originally made by Razee Marikar, January 2008. This can be distributed, reproduced, reused, and built upon as you like, for non-commercial use. If you do any of these, it has to be done under the same license, and maintain that the original work was done by me.

Creative Commons License This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

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