Talakad Bluff

During the Tour to Talakad from our Subex Talakad is located about 200 km from Bangalore. No idea why the place is called "Bluff". We went to two falls - one called Gaganachukki, and the other Bharachukki. They are two falls of the river Shivanasamudra. In Bharachukki, we went down in a 'Puttu' (round boat) to the actual falls, and were able to sit under it. Later. we went to the Kaveri river, near the Vaidyeshwara temple. The history of the temple is interesting. It is a temple many centuries old, built from Granite in the Dravidian style. You can find something about the history <a href="http://www.indiantemples.com/Karnataka/talakkad.html">here</a>.

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